Common PC Security Issues And Solution. prt 1

Most computer security problems stem from security  that is too strict or too latent, but there are some specific issues your should be aware of as well these issues includes the following ;

Po- ups
Pops are windows or frame that appear and load automatically when a user load a page. They  can sometimes contain buttons or link that includes infected files.

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Browser redirection
Any time you notice that a browser link is taking you to another or an unwanted page, then you should know that the computer has being infected by a browser redirect virus. To fix this issue you need to remove the virus then verify to make sure that the browser functions properly.
Security alert
In my experience, security alert can be a sign that the computer is infected by malware. Most of the malware today are so complex and can be designed to look like the actual security warning generated by the computer so that you can click on them to follow the link to install the the needed update which is actually the infected files.
Internet connectivity issues
As a network admin I will always talk about internet security because these days, 80% of the world population surfs the internet and it is increasing as the day goes by. We all have made internet a place of contact and confirmation to anything if not everything. For this reason I advice to always check your internet security to avoid breach and unwanted access, beware of this because if it happens your IP configuration, (read more about IPhere) and NIC can be reconfigured or even you’re DNS.
Slow performance
If at any time your computer is performing slow or very slow, you should check the size of application and services installed and running simultaneously. This can make opening and closing of computer applications very frustratingly slow for users. Another culprit of computer slow performance is malware: infections like adware and spyware can run constantly in the background, taking up a great deal of the system resource.
PC look ups
Slow performance can lead to a PC look up. This could be an indication that there is a problem with the files in the system, malware services were installed or too many programs have being loaded into memory.  This can also be a symptom that a virus is detected. In this case make sure to run antivirus software to identify and remove any infection.
Common PC Security Issues Part 2 & 3 coming soon please stay with us.

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