Common computer ethics to employ in 2018

I simply classified 2018 computer ethics into safety ethics, maintenance ethics, environmental ethics, and moral ethics.

Ethics are the moral rules, standard or principles of behavior for deciding what is right and wrong. They are the moral rules and standards relating to particular professions.
2018 Computer ethics are the basic rules, standards and guidelines that are to be adopted and practiced by computer professionals so any one professional using computer this year should be aware of these 2018 laid down rules.

Safety ethics:  These relates to all caution taken by users to prevent avoidable danger or harm. Safety includes the following:
Fire extinguishers should be provided to handle fire breaks.

Cables and electric wires should be neatly managed to avoid electrical hazards.
Fire alarms should be provided to alert users before any fire outbreak spread and damage expensive equipments.

There should be appropriate lightening system in every computer room to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Voltage stabilizers should be use to control the voltage of the electric current that enters the equipments.

Appropriate computer settings should be ensured such as sleep time, shut down at the close of lid and so on…
The furniture’s and computer work environments should be properly arranged to avoid accidents.
Maintenance ethics:  These ethics relates to all measures to be put in place to make sure that every good condition and long span of all the system.

They include the following:

Uninterrupted power system (UPS) units should be provided to serve every unit so that systems can be provided continuo power even when the main power supply fails, this will then allow the unit to properly shut down.

The computer room should be dust –free to avoid the system being damaged.

The computer should be checked and serviced periodically as part of a good maintenance culture.

Overcrowding should be avoided especially in the computer room and in the use of computers.

Environmental ethics:  environmental ethics deals with all issues relating to the safety of the

environment which includes the followings:

Everyone computer room in 2018 should be located in a convenient place.

Appropriate ventilation should be ensured by installing air conditioners to keep the temperatures of the room cool as the computer generate a lot of heats.

The temperature of every computer should be taken into consideration.

Computers should be kept clean at all times.
Moral ethics:  we should observe all moral ethics relating to personal behavior of those using computer this 2018:
Anyone using a computer this year should note that computers are not toys so you should avoid playing with computers.

Have a proposed job to be done, before to a computer this year.

Avoid fighting in a computer laboratory room.

Anyone student using computer this year should adhere to the instruction of his or her instructor.
Overcrowding while using computer should be eliminated.

All the above ethics is applicable to all computers user be you a network engineer, program writer, student, office persons, or even an ordinary user using his personal computer.

 Adhering to these ethics will save your computers life span, save you cost of fixing your computers from damages, enhances the performance of your computer.

 And save you so many troubles this year.

With this little piece of article I see us all, excelling in 2018 while using our computer.

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