My Life As A Blogger.

My life couldn’t be any better without a boss Michael Ashioma the owner of
I joined his organization November 1st 2015 as an intern.  All these while, he tutored and mentored me as a friend, and brother.  To an extent that some of my follow interns where jealous of how close, and friendly both us of were.

All my efforts, my carrier, field of study and focus was narrowed down to electrical/electronics which seems to be my field of specialization but the more I get close to him, (my boss), the more he opened a brand new world of internet and networking to me. I didn’t understand, I couldn’t focus, because I was full of myself as an electrical/electronics engineer.

As the day pass bye in the organization, I see myself going deeper the more into networking and communication because is something I do everyday hence I can’t say no to a duty call.
He,, thought me several network configuration and helped me through my certification exams.
he was the first person to mention a tip, like blog to my ear, even as a big engineer I claim to be I never heard anything like blogging more precisely like he did explained to me. By then he had his blog up and running. In 2016, I started imitating him in blogging, and most of my post I copied from him and then it was very fun and amazing for me, seeing my handwriting on the internet. I was actually doing it just for fun with nothing in mind, no vision and interest. Three months later he called me and said If you must go far in blogging you have to stop coping other peoples post and start making your own post by yourself. I didn’t listen, beside am just doing it for fun I replied. November 2016 I start making posts by myself, but on hearing the stories of hard and difficult it is, to google approval it seems I even got more discouraged.

One day I was going through some articles online and it happened that I come across a success story of someone who applied for google approval for nine times and on the tenth time she get approved. That was the first time I worked so hard and then i applied but it didn’t work I got some replies like : insufficient page content, your blog is still under construction, poor navigation, no comma and you can’t even indicate the end and the beginning of a sentence, in all these I know my success was close so I start amending my blog design, putting everything in me into work,because at this time I see that it will really work if I work on it. I got an advice from the owner of to get a custom domain which I did. At this point I didn’t boarder about applying for google adsense,  what I was actually doing was testing my blog with other ad networks like InfolinksAdMaven, pop and others and they were all approving my site.These Ad networks were all good but I only used them for testing my site. Finally one day I removed all the Adnetworks and try google and that was it, I did it in the night and before morning my approval were just right before me.

I know everyone has a story to tell, mine might not even be the best. But, as other bloggers encouragement got me this far, I will as well like the person reading this to kip on working on his or her blog if your are a blogger, but if your not, I also encourage you not to give up in that little thing you found yourself doing.
quote: despite not the days of little begging. It might take time but that is part of your success story line.

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