Install Xiaomi MIUI 9 Update Without Loosing Your Data.
Finally the Xiaomi MIUI 9 is available and you can install it in your devices. Let start by showing you how to update to MIUI 9 and start enjoying the new features. The Xiaomi MIUI 9 is an android nougat base device and Xiaomi says is very good at competing to other android devices in term of speed. So let find out, first of all, before you begin this upgrade make sure your battery level is above 50% and then very important make sure to back up all the important content of your device.
In other to update you to MIUI 9 you need an internet connection, data cable, and a computer system or alternatively,  you can download the update directly to you android device. Once you finish downloading it,  on the download file of you phone
, you can now go setting>>> update. To update click the three dot on top right of your phone, choose the update package by choosing the file you downloaded earlier,  once the decryption is complete it will ask you to erase data this is why it is important that you back up your files on a computer or on cloud. In case you get an error message why trying to update you device, don’t worry it’s normal just go back to the setting>>>> about

and factory reset your device try this method again, but this time click on erase and update after a while it will take approximately five to ten minutes then you will be on the new MIUI 9 and you will start to enjoy a new animation by default on each window.
Xiaomi MIUI 9 is as fast as Xaiomi says it is compare to MIUI 8, the MIUI9 comes with a better version of beta and 7.0 android nougats. With Xiaomi MIUI 9 you can move icons around on the home screen. Another amazing feature is what you will experience if you swap to the left side of the screen, and then from the home screen you will have options to open in a new dimension, and also a touch light icon at the bottom, I don’t know why is like that, since you can also trigger the touch light by holding down the home button.
With Xiaomi MIUI 9 you have an option for multi-task widow available, all you need is to locate the screen you want to work on, click on the multi-tasking widow and drag it to the top of the screen for a full view and to work on. You also have the silent button on the top screen instead pressing up and down key and you can silent this device up to about eight hours.
If you among those who have the Redmi Note 4 and Mi Max 2 you can download and install the corresponding ROMs from Xiaomi’s website.
You can also follow the below highlighted steps on how to download and install the MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Fastboot ROM
Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Fastboot ROM
This list will be updated with new MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM links as Xiaomi makes them available.
Before fastbooting, user must have the bootloader unlocked. They can do it by switching off their devices and then press and hold volume down and power button simultaneously, it should power up the phone with fastboot screen.
 User can connect their phone with USB to a computer system, then click on Refresh button in flash tool app and it should show device ID. If not, install Mi PC Suite and drivers posted here. Extract the fastboot ROM downloaded, to a folder on the computer.
 Open MiFlash tool, and select clean all in the right down corner
 Click Select and browse to a folder where you extracted the Fastboot ROM and click Flash
It will start flashing the phone and will take around 3-5 Minutes depending on the computer performance and the device too. Users should note that they cannot remove their device while flashing, or unplug it from source, also make sure your battery level is good enough before performing this operation
Device will reboot with MIUI 9.

How was your experience installing MIUI 9 Global Stable ROM on your Smartphone? 
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