A keyboard video, mouse (KVM) switch is a device that enables a compute to control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse, with display, sent to single monitor. 

This feature is particularly useful in managing test environments, or in accessing multiple servers that has no need for dedicated display or input devices.
 KVM switches are available with PS/2 or USB connections, and comes in desktop, inline, or rack mount varieties. Higher end rack mount models can be uplink to connect dozens of computers.
  To install a Kvm switch, first of all identify the port on your computer that will connect to the KVM switch so that you can determine the type of KVM switch you need.
Randomly there are basically two types of KVM switches, PS/2 and USB.
Turn of the computer that is to be connected.
Insert the KVM connector into the appropriate port on the computer PS/2, USB or VGA.
Connect all computer to the KVM switch in the same way. KVM switch can support up to eight at a time.
Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse in the appropriate ports of the KVM switch.
Now turn on all the computers
Lastly toggle the KVM device through all the connected computers to check that it is functioning correctly.

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