How To Assemble Mikrotik RB411 and 433

Assembling Outdoor Radio a mikrotik Wireless 5GHz 23dBi antenna, LED window, ECS Ethernet Connector System, Mikrotik 411and 433 Router Board, radio, and POE supply.
The mikrotik RB411 and 433 comes in parts and it all require an experience personnel to identify the components and put them together in the appropriate positions.

On unboxing the pack, you will find the following components:
Power pack.
Wireless card.
Router board.
Pick tail.
Ethernet boot. 

To couple these entire pieces and put them together you will need a star screw driver as a tool.
Be careful not to over tight components while coupling the components.
Follow the step below for assembling Mikrotik router board into a casing.
Step 1 Place the antenna on a basement and hand secure the pik tail to the antenna board.
Step2  Place the router board on the rubber screw places provided. Make sure to place it in a way that you will have space to tight and secure all the four screws of the board to the antenna. Make sure you bring the other end of pick tail for later use.
Step3  In this step am going to show you how to secure and slot your wireless card into the board. To do that observe carefully the marked open on the edge of the wireless card and the one on the router board and secure the card into it gently, press it down to make a clip with the two side clips that holds the wireless card firm.
Step4  Connect the cable from the board to the other of the cover.
Step5  Connect the Ethernet boot.
step6 Connect your POE to power, connect the part labeled LAN to your computer, and the part labelled POE to the radio. At this point the led lights will come up and a beep will be heard two time on interval within a space of two to three minutes this shows that your radio is ready for deployment.
Step7  This is the final step, here you are expected to verify your work and also make sure that water
protective seal on the casing cover is intact.
After this then close the casing and secure your casing with the appropriate screws.
This high quality outdoor radio system is ready to install as a customer CPE, an Access Point or as a Point to Point configuration. The enclosure is die cast aluminum. The RouterBoard sould be securely mounted and grounded in the field. The mount during your installation should be heavy duty, high quality alloy and fully articulating in all axis.

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