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The blog life is all about beauty, decorations, style, most especially when the audience visiting your site is celebrities, actress and authors; and so on, even the one you call the ordinary person might fall in love just seeing how beautiful your blog customization looks. The truth is that you never can tell who is visiting your site. Nice customization attracts people the more to your site. I visited a blog site some days ago what I saw was not really what I expect, so I have to close the site even though the site might have the content am looking forward to, but the blog is just too Ambiguous with too many content flying everywhere. Yeah you might not be a professional but keeping your blog site simple helps your audience navigate and source things around at easy. First, you have to believe that it is simple to customize your blog all by yourself.  And for me am always very careful not to scare my readers with irrelevant customization. Here let take a tour on how to customize a simple blog.

The number one thing you should do is to choose from the bloggers simple available Themes.  Downloading an already customized theme is not bad but let it be in your mind that we are customizing an easy navigation and simple blog for your audience. There is one thing I love about using blogger, and that is the flexibility it offers to its users which allow you drag and drop your pages and widget any where you want, this is where it get bad if you import an already made theme from the internet.
The second thing is where you place your content, you don’t have to imitate others in placing your content the same way they do, and you have to make it innovative and authentic once again.
Most of the jobs done are by simply adding HTML/JavaScript to add third-party functionality or other code to your blog designed and made available by Blogger for your site. So all you need to do is copy and paste and then name or rename the script to suit app, example includes follow us. Subscribe contact us etc.  After that then, you have to centralize your blog title and description, the original settings for blog title in blogger is to the left. Unlike most blogs out that do not use this setting. So, I think Google should take a tour to see these global changes and also implement it. Nevertheless, here is how you can customize and centralize it yourself and have the blog title at the center of your blog instead of at the left. With a simple code which I provide blow.
Header h1, .Header .description {
text-align: center;
 Log on to your blogger account.
Click on theme >> Click on customize.
Click on advance.
 Scroll down to add CSS.
Copy and paste the codes below in the space provided.
Away from that lets customize the footer which is also by default in vertical position, and I know no one would like to his about, contact and privacy policy page in a horizontal way beside it doesn’t even look attractive. To customize the footer go to you layout page
Scroll down to the footer.
Click on edit footer and then copy and past this simple on the Html script space.
<div id=’myfooterlinks’ style=’text-align: center;’>
<div id=’myfooterlinks2′>
<a href=’’ >Home</a> | <a href=’’>About</a>  | <a href=’’>Privacy Policy</a> | <a href=’’>Contact Us</a >
<div id=’myfooterlinks1′>
Copyright &#169; 2017, TechsFair.
If there is any other your want to add like disclaimer or advertise just follow the format and write the simple code.
Don’t forget to edit www.techsfair.comto suit your blog sit name.
Lets remove powered by blogger, at the bottom of every blogger template is written powered by blogger,  and not everyone like seeing this, even me but Google has locked down the ability to remove this by introducing a simple code in the Html by default but  stick around let see.  As your blog wears a professional look, the powered by blogger becomes one of the default settings you just can’t have hanging around. While having it cost you nothing, having it removed will only be missed like having a growth removed. Here is how:
Log on to your blogger dashboard.
Click on theme  >>  click on edit html.
On your computer system press on crtl f (control F) to pop the search dialog space.
In the box type attribution1, presses enter and it will be highlighted in yellow format.

In the displayed html code, replace the word “true” in the highlighted line in of the Html code below with the word “false” click on save.
After that, go back to blogger click layout, locate the powered by blogger footer at the bottom of your layout, click on edit and click on remove. This will have it removed.
With this little customization, your blog site is already set to excel.

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