Common User Authentication Methods.

Authentication is a very good practice for anyone to employ on daily basis, but what makes you want to employ these strict measures to your deices or gadgets which seems to be even more handy. For me is not because of the distressed one, wanting to use my device to make calls and play games, but to an extent is all about third party applications which can stick to devices and maybe gradually leaking personal information from the device to the third party. More often we see Bio-metric authenticating methods becoming useful often in high security environments, where there is restricted security clearance, these might include places like financial institutions, airports and government embassy.  Employing a variety of authentication method lets you sleep with easy, that you have safely prevented unauthorized access to the physical infrastructure and resources around you.  In some resourceful organization and bank they call it ‘SAFE’ a tag acronym to demonstrate how save, and trusted the authentication method is.

Some common user authentication methods includes the following.

User name and password
In user name and password, the user is bound with a valid user name and an associated password. The user then submits the user name and password combination to the authentication system, this system may be a network directory or server to a database which then validate the credentials and then verifies the user access identity. The security of the system can only be breached if the authentication of the database is altered in anyway either by accidentally or maliciously, can equally be altered if the credential that is, the password is stolen or transferred to a third party.

This is an authentication method that is based on individual physical data, which will include , finger print, or voice. This type of authentication might require specialized equipment to store, access and in verification of the physical information.  Today software using bio-metric authentication are ever increasing and less expensive making it more widely for any one implement example is the apple iOS siri assistance, google voice recognition and others.

These are mainly hardware or virtual object which saves information about someone, can save personal identification numbers PIN, information about user and passwords. Token includes a smart card which is a plastic card containing an embedded computer chip that can save different types of electronic information. Everything in the card is read by a special machine called a smart card reader, which will be attached to a programmed system or server. In this case whenever the token is used for authentication it will then store user information, and then request is when next a transaction is to be made. And this therefore classifies smart cards as a form of authentication method.
Multi-factor authentication
Whenever an authentication method require just  a login interface it’s called single factor authentication method, whereas two factor authentication or even three factor authentication process  is called multi factor authentication. It can be any combination of what you do in a phrase, you date birth factor. Multi factor authentication improves the security over the single authentication method.

Mutual authentication.
Mutual authentication method is a security that requires each user in a system to verify their identity. It works in way that the resources verify the person I identity and then the person verifies the resource identity. This method of authentication prevents you from submitting personal information to an unsecured server. Any type or combination of mutual authentication can be used.

Fingerprint scanners
The method of using this authentication employs that a user fingerprint be scanned and stored in a server. To authenticate, the user scans his finger over again to verify the stored image in the authentication data base. The infrastructure use in constructing the finger print might be small adapted piece or sometimes inbuilt in the system. Such like USB, flash drive or other hardware accessories.

Hand and geometry scanner
A persons hand geometry can be use for authentication. Han scanner have pegs between which users are insert their finger once the initial scan is stored and the used for authentication, subsequent scans are to be compare to the initial scans in the database.

Retinal scan
In retinal scan, the pattern in a user’s retina is scanned and stored. To authenticate, the user will have to scan his eyes once again to beg granted access using the information in the database.

Voice recognition
This authentication is gradually spread wide due to developments of software integrated on devices around the world. To authenticate with voice recognition the user will be ask to provide his voice speech sample which will be analyzed by the voice recognition software and then stored. During next authentication the user speaks again and then the speech patter will be compared against the stored data sample in the software or database. iOS siri assistance, goggle voice recognition and others are example of voice recognition authenticating software.

Face recognition
In face recognition authentication a digital image of a user face is analyzed with face recognition software and stored. Next authentication will require the users faced as scanned digitally again to compare the facial appearance against the stored image in the database.
In conclusion authentication means verifying the identity of someone (a user, device, or an entity) who wants to access data, resources, or applications. Validating that identity establishes a trust relationship for further interactions and transactions. while encryption is the process of converting data into a form that is not easily recognized or understood by anyone who is not permitted to access the information or data. In encryption only authorized personals with a valid decryption details can only decode and read the data. Encryption can be one-way which means that the encryption is designed to hide only text and never decrypted or it can be either ways in which the encryption can be decrypted back into clear text and read. Whichever that suits your organization and meets the security of the environment can be employed.

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