Will Apple Activate the iPhone’s Hidden FM Radio ?.

    Following the trend and recurring incident of killing and disasters around united states and some other remote countries around the world, the FCC chairman Ajit Pai has called on giant technology company Apple, to turn on the FM radio that’s hidden inside of every their iPhone device.
    In a statement he issued, he asked that Apple “should reconsider its position, given the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.” The FM radio, he said, can be used to receive “life-saving information” during disastrous times like these once.

    In Apple’s reply to FCC chairman Apple said Pai’s request is not possible for their newest phones, hence “iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 spec did not have FM radio chips in them neither do they have inbuilt antennas designed to support FM signals, so it is not possible to enable FM reception in these products,they replied” in a statement by an Apple spokesperson. From the discussion Apple seemed to indicate no interest to enable FM radio on older phones either, hence they claimed that the iPhone already includes other safety features.

    It could be recalled that most Smartphones manufactured earlier have an FM radio inside, and they have for a long time. Until recently, however, most of those radios have being deactivated, so that owners couldn’t use them. There were a handful of reasons for this, but two of the more obvious ones was that if your phone receives FM radio, you’re going to be less likely to pay for online songs, and extra wireless data cosumption — instead, you’d just tune into the radio for free and listen to music for free.
    According to Pai, most wireless carriers and phone manufacturers have backed down on that in recent years and offered access to FM. “Apple is the one major phone manufacturer that has resisted doing so,” Pai says.

    Pai has made it clear that he doesn’t want the FCC to mandate that phone manufacturers should enable FM radios, in part because it goes against free market policies. And in this case, he’s not — he was only asking for a reason to put the safety of their users first. But despite having no plans to mandate their activation, Pai has also said that “you could make a way that [FM] chips can be activated on public safety grounds only which is a good argument to go for.

    And that’s really what’s going on today. While because in most cases cell networks may goes down often times or becomes hard to reach during emergencies, and in this case traditional FM radios seems to be easiest means of communication. FM signals can travel farther than data signals, which mean that radio remains the best way to circulate information in any emergency situation.

    When wireless networks communication go off during a natural occurrence , Smartphone with activated FM chips can allow users of iPhone to get vital access information,” Pai says. “I commend those companies that have done the right thing by activating the FM radio chips in their phones.”

    All four major wireless carriers now allow phones to ship with activated FM radios; AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are even encouraging Smartphone companies to activate FM chips.

    “I am asking Apple to activate the FM chips that are in its iPhones,” Pai says. “This is the time for Apple to step up to the plate, and put the safety of their users first.

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