Top Internet Service Providers in Nigeria.

The search for best internet service providers in Nigeria never ends because every day we will see one or the other claiming to be the best, but only to flop after just a while, all these I am the best and the cheapest internet service provider in town now, has really put Nigerians in a tight Conner hence they will all leave us with no choice than to keep on managing. Then how can we continue this suffering and smiling even with our heavy subscription amount, we have even upgraded yet the problem persists.

 Everyone want to communicate to his love one’s, corporate organizations wants to send mails and communicate with field workers and control things at ease, but when the internet is not what it, all these efforts ends up being frustrated leaving us with no choice, than to keep searching and moving from one ISP to another, but that quest is over because I made a research on best internet service providers in Nigeria, from the backbone to the last mile and we come up with these ISP’s as the best in Nigeria today :
Internet solutions Nigeria limited: ISN has proven their worth over the last one year, according to our research ISN has a full redundant links , having  being in business in Nigeria since 1991 with their head office in Lagos, and branches offices across Nigeria, and globacom Nigeria carrying their presence everywhere through a multi-protocol Lan switching system.
According to our tour, being with internet solutions Nigeria Limited has the following advantages;
·         Quick customer support….
·         Less than 1hour respond time depending on the nearest engineer and their base station.
·         Offers equal upload and download speed without extra payment.
·         Offers 85% up time throughout the year.
·         Offers uncapped and unlimited internet services.
·         Available for home and corporate users.
·         Offers both fiber and microwave internet services.
·         Offers supports even to their own customers local issues.
Glo1: Glo1 has made a good name as long as internet is concerned in Nigeria, they have really come a long way, and yet they still going, working each day carrying the presence of globacom everywhere, even at your door post helping Nigeria with the 2G, 3G and also 4G and then the globacom league making every moment a good one, with about 80% up time per year, only that they deals only on fiber links mostly.
Mainone:  This data communication company has taken a lead in providing services mainly on fiber links, and everyone knows that fiber Internets are fast and reliable and offers room for easy expansion but the draw backs lies on the damages causes by road and infrastructure, constructions all over the country, so it is never easy replacing fiber cuts and then keeping up, with the customer each time with the same story of fiber cuts.
IPNX I ask around, and so many customers using IPNX never had a reason to move to another Internet Service Provider, hence they all claim to have enjoyed a good customer relationship, quick responds, update during maintenance and updates when the maintenance is done. They also said that they are enjoying fast internet with an unlimited and cost wise internet services all these I believe has made IPNX outstanding and in ranking high as a service provider.

 PHASE THREE Telecoms: Phase three telecoms has a very nice infrastructure ,which they build on overhead  NEPA transmission  power towers carrying their presence everywhere in Nigeria, but their stability and maintenance culture keeps me thinking  if they deserve where they are ranked so far. Phase three telecoms stand a very good chance of becoming one of the best internet service providers with time.
Netcom Africa Limited
 The folks at Netcome Africa has been pioneering fastest and superior internet service in Nigeria for a while now. They are still very much strong in 2015 and able to top our number one spot. They provide both Internet and VPN service to individuals, corporate organizations. Most of their customers are big corporate companies probably as a result of their high data plan but it worth it if you have the budget.

MTN also provides fast internet service. Their widely coverage across Nigeria earns them the credit to makes top 10 spot in 2015.

Swift Networks limited is one the foremost internet service providers in the country. The Company actually commenced operations in 2002 after obtaining a Fixed Wireless Access license from the Nigerian Telecommunication Commission to provide broadband services to business and residential subscribers.
Not too long ago, VDT got the license to run the 2.3GHz Spectrum internet service in Nigeria. They provides both internet and VPN service to individuals and corporate organizations.

Spectra-net is one of the dominant internet service providers in the country and one of the few to roll out the broadband service. Unlike SWIFT, Spectra-net has a wider coverage area but mainly caters for both Lagos and Abuja residents, which isn’t surprising as these areas are the economic and administrative hubs of the country.

In conclusion, the top internet service providers in Nigeria are still taking baby steps, testing and tweaking their services to ascertain their viability and efficiency. However, the infrastructural deficiencies in the country pose a major stumbling block to the comprehensive deployment of the Long-Term Evolution network.

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