Thinking Outside The Box

We are face with so many quests, such like how is it done  ? who did it?, this quest is all about exploring the human minds ability, they said man has only utilized ten percent of his brain ability yet we have so much more in place, great technology expanding at every dawn. with all these great ideas pointing at a particular direction, I guess it’s a good time to start thinking outside the box.

 What does it mean to think outside the box? Imagine that we are living in an invisible atmosphere that envelops our entire sense of human , which is a symbol for the box we are living in (the box we will have to abandon when trying to think outside the box).
Wherever we go the atmosphere surrounds us and protects you from the “real” reality, which is so complex that it would flood our sensory organs with masses of information that our brain couldn’t handle, if not filtered. All the information that tries to traverse our protective atmosphere will be filtered and selected and only the most important ones are being consciously recognized. The filter stands figuratively for our subconsciousness that filters all the information and erases or transforms them if necessary, dependently of your experiences, mindsets, attitudes opinions and the way you look at things in general.

All these quest and hunt for best have consumed us and we think nothing expect for how much we get. so consumed by hates and regrets, power tussling, hatred,bulling others,the rich get richer and the poor get so downcast, working so hard only to earn a little. 
For me, thinking outside the box is going an extra mile with openness not to stubbornly persist on my own opinion and to change the opinion I conceived when another person proves me to be wrong or mistaken. Sounds simple, but you wouldn’t believe how many people stubbornly persist on their own opinion and linger within their very own “box”, even if they are totally mistaken.
when I was in high school some said to me what are you studying?, that you are so proud of, that he did see anything new under the sun, I laugh at him because this is a good example of thinking inside the box, looking around today we have mobile phones without button, we can do video calls, Internets video conferencing, watch our kids take their first step from were ever we are, we are using SMS in place of post offices and much more yet the quest is still on.
Every successful personal discovered the approach to “think outside the box” as an immense advantage for various facets of their lives, often as a characteristic that helps them to earn a living.
Thinking outside the box is all about changing your mind set and then shape  into the role of another person can enhance you thereby. You don’t have to be stacked into the role of your parents, friends, colleagues and neighbors, as most of these characters might have pretty similar knowledge and opinions about the world as you have. like me when ever I want to think outside the i deliberately think of how to teleport myself to other cities and countries, I think and I go the extra miles, focus, persistence and then you might even notice something new Michael farad did it so many times in so many ways yet he did give up.
Think in another dimension because creativity gets you the job done so easily.
view points :
 Take out a piece of paper.
Write down a challenging task.
Write down precisely how you intent to accomplish the task.
It might take time, for me it doesn’t matter because persistence is the key to success.
keep your task in front of you always.
Find a new hobby.
Meet new people.
Gather knowledge about topics that interest you.
Study another industry than you are working in.
Study a new language.
Take classes at a community college.
Excellent, once you’re done you should have a challenging task and a ready-made step-by-step solution on how you would normally plan to accomplish the task. Thinking outside the box, however, means that you do not follow given instructions and mandatory paths, which is why you will have to accomplish your challenging task WITHOUT doing what you intended to do.
Stepping into another world, in general, allows you to look at problems differently, which will also increase the possible solutions that start to come up.
Think of an engineer who want to build a machine for a particular purpose, he will first imagine (thinking outside the box ) all the functions, where to place the buttons, what kind of program to install and all that, then he will put it in drawing, adding more designs as the work proceeds, he steps into another world is one of the most efficient ways to change your perspective and to discover insights.
Asking a whole lot of questions, Why are these thing like this ? what happened to this ? who, when, and whom. Don’t take the facts your teachers, professors, and experts present you as ultimately correct or the one and only truth. Make it a habit of questioning things and discovering new and even better solutions or facts about things.
Try to be innovative on your own, modeling things, re-frame things make them look original from your perceptive, add more things and see how good or worse things will become. all these quest, is towards making life  better fro everyone.

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