Setting Up The Mikrotik Outdoor Unit

The mikrotik outdoor unit comes fully equipped with a power adopter and a power over Ethernet connector in this case, it could be very easy setting up the mikrotik outdoor unit, be it the RB 411, 433 or the SXT mikrotik outdoor radio, although it requires so much experience of the field engineer, who will be able to read and interpret geographical, topology and land mark  of the place were the unit will be installed.

In as much as the mikrotik outdoor unit can go up to about 10 kilometers  in an open air, and operating on 5Ghz the equipment might also not go up to 1km if there so many obstacle on the proposed line of projection or line of sight as mainly called by so many engineers, so to achieve optimum result most times it is adversible to install the outdoor unit above high rise buildings in the geographical areas where the ISP will be transmitting or broadcasting from which we call the base station, what this does is to give you the clear view of the horizon and allows for further transmission.

One mistakes I have noticed in the field during installing the mikrotik outdoor radios is the placement and alignment angles, so for me placing and aligning the mikrotik  outdoor unit should be professionally using a compass to determine the exert direction and centi-degree, If this is done right a maximum throughput will be achieve in the field but in the case, where one radio from the other end is projecting above another you will notice that it is only minor signal that might be hitting the other end of the connection and then leading intimidate time, connection lost and even interference, so it is important to study the altitude on which the installation will be done.

When installing the mikrotik outdoor unit ,an Ethernet port is provided on the radio which allow for connection of a shielded cable having eight pins, so that the radio uses power over ether to receive power source, that means you no longer requires external power to power your radio up there in the mask or tower depending on the structural building.
During the installation a clamping space is provided at the back of the mikrotik outdoor radio which allows for attachment of iron pole, if the it is in a client side who do not have a mask, or straight on the mask, also a structure might also be constructed to fit in the process if the tower base is bigger than the installation space on the radio. before final tightening and locking of the outdoor unit be sure that your have tilt the radio to a perfect position for maximum result and then lock gradually to avoid shifting signal position

Finally the safety of the site personnel must be a priority, so when getting for installation on a high altitude make sure that the coverall, belt, hard hat, eye google, safety boot and all necessary safety wears are being inspected and confirmed fit for climbing before carrying out the climbing process, and moreover the climbing sequence is  one grip, one step, and a hook from the belt above your head gradually and constant.

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