How to Activate Your ATM Card For Electronic Transaction.

I got my ATM and then I was feeling good for a time, hence I was using it for all my mobile transactions very comfortably, paying my bills through mobile application transfer, until this faithful day that I have to pay my bills online, all the same I wasn’t disturbed because I felt I have what it takes, only for me to fill this same form for over one hour yet keep on getting error messages.

It was later on, I then discovered I needed a quickteller for this operation, I have being struggling with to pull through.

Quickteller then, is an Interswitch powered web based application that you can easily use to send and receive money, pay bills, buy recharge airtime and other online payments, with an Interswitch enabled ATM Card your can do all that still remain safe and secure.

Quickteller is safe and secure; with stronger authentications passwords configured,  you can use it online, on the web, on mobile app, and ATM machines.
To start making use of Quickteller online today, simply visit Quickteller and locate the register button, then fill in your details to register. After which you will have to confirm your registration by following the confirmation link that will be forwarded to you.
For you to easily activate your ATM card for your Quickteller transactions, follow the simple steps below.

Visit any ATM

step 1 : Insert your card.

step 2 : Select Quickteller.

step 3 : choose  “Pay bills” option.

step 4 : select your account type.

step 5 : click on “Others”.

step 6 : Enter 322222 as the payment code.

step 7 : Enter your phone number as ‘Customer Reference’

step 8 : Accept the N1.00 amount displayed.

Follow prompts to complete the transaction.

Note that the transaction services charge for that cost only N1, and additional N100, ATM charge may apply, totaling N101 which will be deducted from your ATM Card.

By so doing, you have succeeded in registering your ATM card and your phone number for Quickteller transaction and you can now carry out heavy transactions online with your ATM Cards on the Quickteller platform

Also note that for your security, each time you want to complete a transaction online using Quickteller, a One Time Password (OTP) is generated and forwarded to the phone number you registered with, which you need to confirm by copying and inputting it on the confirmation space that will be provided on their page to finalize your transactions

Finally, in addition to that, when carrying out heavy transaction online on the Quickteller platform and if it fails to go through, it might also mean that you need to visit your bank to request them to increase your ATM Card online spend limit.

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