Quick guidelines and topics every new blogger should know.


If I must, one thing I have to do is it to personalize blogging or I  may define it as a way of one’s personal expression, because in your blog you only blog about that one think that you have passion for, either music, news, technology, Arts, travel, gossips or whatever. But in all here are the guilds and tips you all have to be aware of.

Blog is a website type specially call a weblog, what this means is that it is a webpage for you to log in something you think is what saving such as personal experience diary, news, music, movies ,information or that one thing that you think is what sharing for the benefit of web user. Everyone has a story how and why they come about blogging and sharing a piece of that motivational story can go a long way helping someone out there, like me I started blogging as an intern in a service providing
organization, at first I was always interesting in imitating my boss who is a blogger we were so close that every little he do I want to do  then I started with no knowledge of what  and where I was going, for a year, one day he said if you want to be successful and go far as a blogger   “ you must start writing posts on  your own” this simple statement even though he didn’t know was a big leap for  me and my readers today, and now I said if you were me one year ago I give you this same advice right now,  start creating page post from the little experience you have if you must go far in blogging
Blogging as part of my life:  After the scenario above I started watching videos about blogging, reading E-books and improving myself, little did I know I was that I was living the life of a blogger hence all I can think of is how to keep my readers updated each moment, most times I had to go sleepless night making research one same topics to get full contents and information for my readers
How to blog and what to write: even though some persons has made up their minds on what to blog about there is always this major challenge with new bloggers on what to write and for this many end up doing the copyrighted, yes am not saying that you can copy because right now you face with the problem of what to write but try as much as possible to make it original by using your own word to arrange your post, copyrighted is absolutely not accepted every new blogger should know this secret. So this leaves you with the question of what should I write because it seems that everything you can think of has being written by someone, how do I then get first hand information’s and news and so many other questions but here is what I do, as for me I follow brands, manufactures, developer, managers on my social media and everywhere they go this is because a twit or speech from them will develop an amazing trending story and lots of new news for my site. I advise you don’t expect them to follow you back but if they do better all you just need is that daily twit.

How to customizes you blog: For me I expect every new blogger to write a post on how they were able to customize and give their weblog that amazing look that engaged  their visitors, from blog tittle to description and down to footer and all of that, for me I love using the blogger template because of the flexibility it offers  for me to customize my blog from the template customization interface then I can navigate to advance  which allows for variety of color customization  and then with page layout option I can do the drag and drop my pages where I think is convenience for my readers to navigate.

How to add  Adcss, Css,Html and java scripts/social media icons: looking for  what to write as a new blogger  sharing your personal experience on how you were able to customize your read more button using Adcss, how you added your social media icons using java and html can be a good start for you like I said it’s all about sharing personal journal and experiences in the world of blogging, far from this you can likewise share on how were able to add about us, privacy, and contact us page and tell your readers why you choose to either place them on top of you page on you footer probably a hint on where and why you place your line breaks. Now that that you have graduated it is time for you to post about how to reduce the size of an image, how to download non copyrighted images and Gif’s from the website.
How to double blog traffic:    as for me, my quest is not about blog traffic unlike you, yes you want people to keep reading and visiting you blog every day maybe for a reason best known to you as a new blogger it will be nice if you could share how you were able to get that a thousand and plus followers around the world. After all that, is the big one .. goggle AdSense.
AdSense: wow!, Every blogger wants that fulfillment that his or her blog is being approve by goggle AdSense, I want to share this inspiring testimony from a close friend…she said I have being blogging for four years even though I have not being consistence I have applied for AdSense three time yet I got rejected for some sort of reasons finally she gave up, then in-between the lines she read a  post about people selling their account so she said I will only concentrate in writing from now since I can equally buy  this account from someone else, then she worked on her pages increased her post and improved her way of blogging this time I guess she made them more original. Some weeks later she said I stumbled on a post by a lady like me and she said I applied for goggle account eight times and got rejected yet I didn’t give then on the ninth I got approved and today am enjoying it, after she has finished sharing these experiences with me I then ask her what do you want to tell you followers and page readers, that you bought AdSense? She said nooh!!! And then she said I will apply again and then she did apply and just in three days she was granted access. You experience such as setbacks and how you fix them might differ but sharing that piece as a blogger might really encourage someone out there.
Thanks I hope this piece have being of great information for you. Don’t forget to hit the like button for more tips and tricks.

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