Mobile Security

We all check the fence around our houses to make sure there is no cracks and holes in them almost everyday, some buy security dogs just in case your fall asleep and an unwanted visitor tries to penetrate, in other case non of us has ever driven out in the morning without checking our tires, fuel and oil level.
All these consciousnesses we take and live by them, but when it comes to our personal assistance which is always with us that is our mobile device we never thought we should give attention to it and know why you device which was fast, bright and beautiful then, and now what has happened if i may ask. could be a virus attack ?, Application misbehavior?, software update ?, software failure?, OS problem ?, what ever it may seem to be mobile security takes care of it’s all.

Yes it is true that proper security management can give you a lot of credit and happiness so taking it as a daily drug can help in stopping easily attacks or occurrence, for mobile devices  troubleshooting security issues can merely mean listening to the way your mobile is working  so we advise you review your security setup from time to time

our mobile security issues might differ so also is your security tools you need to troubleshoot and resolve the issues differ, vary from device to operating system but in all there is always a fix, so here are the general set of tools required to fix mobile problems.
Antivirus: For you mobile to be up and running smoothing you must have an Antivirus installed this is because every day you go out there and surf the internet all day long meeting with cookies and so many others that might be leaking your information away to a third party application without your notice. Secondly these malwares can attack your applications and they start malfunctioning, make sure your Antivirus protects virus, keyloging and other malicious malwares.
APPLICAION SCANNER: This special application is very sensitive to virus and malware and scans all the applications on your mobile device to be very certain that there no intruder hiding somewhere inside your applications, one good thing about this application scanner is that often times  it prompts the  user for security to scan of devices ,far beyond that it also acts as an app manager and helps in cleaning background running applications to keep mobile devices in a good track.
Uninstall/ reinstalling of applications: This process/ method can fix a whole lot of things wrong with the applications, maybe you didn’t know but you should that , and bear in mind that most times applications got damaged by virus or other malicious attacks and if not proper examine and taken care of will give you a whole lot of problem. So you might need to uninstall and reinstall that application again from goggle play store if you’re using android operating system, blackberry world or app store depending on your mobile device. You may probably ask when I should do this …. You will need to perform this operation in these scenarios:  If your apps does not boot up, if your apps goes off while you’re still using it, if the mobile app is requesting for update and also if there is a better version for that mobile app and maybe probably do it as a routine check to keep mobile devices active all the time.
Factory reset: A friend of mine bought an infinix mobile phone an then ask me to check and verify that this device is in good condition, she didn’t tell me that the device was transferred to her from another user so I went to office with all confidence that it was a brand new mobile device only for me to observe that the device has be compromised I then called her and break the news of my findings  finally to cut the long story short the vendor said to me if I eventually do a reset o this device that he is a hundred percent sure that the mobile will never come up again without wasting time I alarmed aloud ..Then this device has been compromised…!!! What am trying to say is that factory reset is a great tool that can fix, and clean an operating system. Before  doing the factory be sure to back up your apps and some other things you will need because it is just like a fresh installation.
Backup and restore: If you notice slowness in your mobile device, may too many pictures and song and so many you can back them up with cloud base services such as iCloud, Goggle sync , OneDrive and so on  this releases memory space in your device with minimal or no lost in data.

Wi-fi analyzer: If the mobile device is having connectivity issues or limited connections or cannot even connect to network, I just think its time to use the wi-fi analyzer to find out the main route to the access point that the mobile device can use without having interference, but in the case that the mobile is experiencing call tracking and reception problems, the cell tower analyzer should be used to save the situation. Finally in the case were mobile apps has become unresponsive I advise that you may need to do a force stop to close the application although is not really necessary but all depends on the device you are using. Don’t forget to always review your security tips and guides always to stay on top. 

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