Microsoft Tools and Utilities.

Microsoft, and the manufactures of windows operating system did a lot of good works by including a whole lot of tools and utilities in it’s windows operating system that has made it a lot so easy and simpler  for network and non network administrators to carry out  troubleshooting in windows.
Without these tools and utilities it will probably be challenging knowing were the real problems are coming from assuming there is one. These tools are specially used to troubleshoot,resolve and confirm the state of every window, all of these tool are embedded in one piece.. THE COMMAND LINE INTERFACE.
When i started as an intern the very first thing I learned was how to input IP address into my system statically not knowing that there is lot more to this, I was happy and then started thinking that I have arrived until some days later i complained that there is no internet in my system and then someone replied ping your gateway and i was like what is ping ?, and then I was introduced to this window which allows me to access my tools and utilities. Here is a look at those tools and their functions.

IPconfig: This tool is used to release information about the following,
Ethernet adapter virtual Box for the Host Network Only.
Connection-specific  DNS suffix.
Link local IPv6 Address.
IPv4 Adress.
Subnet Mask.
Default Gateway.
Media state.
simply done by going to command prompt and type in ipconfig.

The Ping: This tool is one of those daily tools I can call it hands-on tool because it is always running on my computer.
The ping is use to ping a specific host.
 Monitor a host uptime and downtime
Check a host Time-to- live. simply going to command prompt and type in this command, ping
ping -t     or  type  the address you want to monitor. by right clicking on the command prompt now.

Tracert: This Microsoft utility is a diagnostic tool that is use to trace and track sent and received packets.

Ipconfig/all: I so much love this command because it has a while lot of information to releases like the entire windows IP configurations
wireless LAN adapter wireless connections
physical address, DHCP, Auto-configurations, IPv6 address. IPv4 address, subnet Mask, lease obtain, lease Expired, all these powerful information just at a command.
some more commands in ipconfig includes, Ipconfig/ realease, Ipconfig/renew.

Flushdns:The domain name server is your acess to the internet and may sometimes give you headach dont worry just at a command you can fush all and input your new DNS on your window just by typing in the command  flushdns. some more of the command used to look dns inlcudes
nslookup,  Registerdns. All these diagnostic tools and utilities has done so much in making working with windows so smart and easy so if your windows is giving you problem I suggest you first run that diagnostic test. thank, please leave your comments for more on windows tools and utilities.

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