How To Hide your wireless SSID broadcast

Someday we all get sick, tired and upset of people asking us for our WIFI password maybe you’re the type that can’t say no due to friendship and neighborhood relationship beside your WIFI ID is showing and broadcasting so you will eventually not say no.

If your one of those guy, then this blog post is for you
So guys let us hide that your WIFI broadcast SSID.

Every network Service is set to be identified by a name. The name of your wireless network and is constantly broadcasted by your router. The SSID is the name you see when your computer or mobile device detects the wireless network. Now that you want an extra layer of security, you can hide the SSID. As soon as you hide the SSID, other devices will not be able to see your wireless network when they scan for local networks. People can, however, still connect to your network by using its IP address or Mac address.

Step 1. Log into your router with the default address192.168.1.1
 from web browser
Make sure you’re on the same network with your router, that means you must connect on the router network.

Step 2. Enter your user name and password by default it is adminand admin for most wireless routers
unless stated otherwise or in the case where the network admin has change it to something else

Step3. A window will pop and u will see SSID just uncheck/ disable it and save settings

Once this is done, neighbors, family and friends will no longer see your WIFI ID anymore
What happens is that it will show as other networks or hidden networks

Congrat you’re on your way to success and happiness

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