Fix Problems With Wireless Routers/Access points

As a Telecommunication Engr. I got several calls from my client each day and the complain seem to be the same. ( my internet is not working ). so i thought of it, and think i should share with you some basic and simple ways to fix problems with routers/Access points in your homes and offices,
you really not need to be scared because this are things your can do assuming your service provider or maintenance engineer is miles away from your premises.

To fix problems with your wireless Routers / access point the following steps should be considered very carefully.

  • Be certain that your service provider did not cut you off due subscription issues.
  • Be certain that your link is not having interference  from your service provider like fiber cut or bad signal and throughput, after this verification comes your role…
  • Check the physical and hardware connections probably someone has pulled out your internet inlet.
  • Restart your access point by switching it off for about 5 seconds: This solves problem with freezing router.
  • Unplug the cables in the access point port and put them back to the same port probably the ports is freezing.
  • Make sure your link is not congested with downloads.
  • Check the link light indicator on the router.
  • Confirm that your password and SSID did not change.
  • If your are using MAC address, verify the MAC addresses. I have experience devices change mac adds especially android devices this might sound awkward but it true.
  • Restart your device/ laptop or phone.
  • Reset your router by holding hold down the reset button for 4 seconds. 

In all these you must certainly have your issues resolved but if issues persist you may need to contact your service provider for more assistance.

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