Finally I come to find out how you can triple your blog traffic in just two weeks.

Hey guys I started blogging as a fan of my boss who blogs at as at that time  i never knew it could be this  sweet living the life of  a blogger. and everyday i see myself happier blogging, that was how it all started,  until later as i was just going through my
blog and I found out, that  I have just not only tripled  my blog traffic in just two weeks but i have being able to keep my blog fans also.,and I just think it will be nice to share it with you how i did in confident .

  • First of all you should be see your blog as a passion and dream to accomplish in your every day living.
  •  The way you arranged your blog matters a lot and this keeps your viewers coming back to that unimaginable blog.
  • Watch videos on how to customize your blog or even get an instructor to give your site an amazing look.
  • Try as much as possible to make the information your trying to pass across clear to you audience.
  • You must embed So much fascinating colours, good Html coding, great pages, labels and layout.
  • Your blog should be easy to navigate for your viewers to surf things around.
  • Wait a minute, you must build an empire around yourself with goggle plus, linked, Twitter, Facebook, instagram, blogging related Facebook pages, goggle community, printers and other related community platforms that will help in promoting your blog.
  • Create fan pages across social media platforms about your site.
  • Enrich your blog and fan pages with interesting stories that and updates.
  • divide  your post into two and twitt to your followers and the public at least two times a day. 
  • Target your audience whom, how, and when.
  • Your blog pages titles should always be so interesting and engaging making your readers roll their eyes over and over again on that same pages thereby spending more time with your blog.
  • Always be among the first to blog about trending, events or new technologies.

The way you places your images and backlinks them to your blog page keeps your readers within your location.
I hope to see you on top with this little piece.

2 thoughts on “Finally I come to find out how you can triple your blog traffic in just two weeks.

  • December 12, 2017 at 2:29 pm

    Reading this post is really enlightening. Makes me full of spirit for blogging too. Hopefully I'll be like you, succeed in monetizing..


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