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I  once wrote a post on quick guide for old and new bloggers because one important problem every new blogger face is the challenge of what write, were to get news and more especially how to engage their audience and drive an insane traffic to their blog. Today am going to introduce to you a list of the all time exclusive blog trending topics that will always be in vogue even in centuries to come, as a blogger, researcher and a writer I have come to understand that the following topics as long as blogging and articles are concern will continue to trend.

Politics: Writing articles or blogging about politics will always keep you ahead and on the trending part always, this is because people want to know what the government and politician  has to say and offer to them always thereby visiting blog post with updated information, well if your lucky election and inauguration time  is close your might be the one driving that insane traffic, what if your blog is the first to break news on every little that is about to, or that is going to, or is happening now on white house, ask yourself how much space do I have to accumulate this traffic.

Tips:  Tips blogging is well rec-organize and everyone want to know how this is done, my question to you is can you clearly tell your audience a clear tips on how this is done, if you can people are always on the internet looking for tips on it is done even right now.

Tricks: I some much like writing about tricks even if I have not written much, tricks helps people to know more on certain things topics like this, ten trick you don’t know your phone can perform, tricks to hide text messages and call logs, tricks to hide your wi-fi password, tricks on proper dressing and all others.

Reviews: Every blogger would want to review an item, be it tech review,  fashion, music review or whatever, reviewing items makes your blog audience keep coming back to you hence they all believe in your review and it will be like what did this guy say about this product, your traffic triggers above A millions in less that 24 hours if your that guy that does a clean review of product and services.

personal: Blogging is a journal were any blogger can login and share his or her personal life experience to inspire, courage and motivate both young and old, it is that most bloggers always like ‘I’ and yet the topic keeps trending over and over, this is tell you that blogging about personal experiences and how you work through them is very nice and will always trends.

Tech:  We are in the age of every day new tech and most people want to know which one is the latest tech now, it is your role as a blogger to draft an exclusive topic for that new tech, it’s specification and why people should buy the tech from infrastructure to construction all round tech blogging will also be an exclusive trending topic of all time.

Education : A song writer sing a song and I quote ‘Education is the key’ this little phrase has put everyone across the globe on the same track hence they all believe that we are nothing without education, so blogging every thing information  about education from creche to high school will always be a trending topic hence the hunt, hunger and search for education increases as the day comes by.
Business Blogging about business, am hosting a program title ‘The entrepreneurs round table’, from here I come to found that there trillions of business out there looking for business blogs and articles to read in other to keep up with the trending in the economy, anyway for me I would have advice that anyone blogging about ethics should be one who have participated and also excel in the business areas so that he or she will not only be telling stories but also share her challenges to encourage business owner, investors and those planning to go into business as well.

Travel and courier : like I have repeated said on this post, experience sharing is very important hence one can not give out what he does not have. people travels every seconds from one inter-state, country,or within, it is obvious that many may not know their way around, so basic blogging on showing people their way around, time , when and the courier services will be available, sharing with people on your blog how Dubai, France, UK, London etc look like,just like me I have being hearing of the world’s tallest building, world trade center and the weather in a western world and how to adapt  to it  all these composed together will really make a big  trending topic of all times.

Cooking:The trending now in Nigeria is all about eating fast food in eateries and joints, young ladies and guys hangs out after work hours and then eat and continues the next day so critically no time to learn from our mothers kitchen anymore hence fast-food has become the order of the day but a day will when they will get married and their husband will say cook for me, that day they will go on the internet looking for your blog to teach them how to add sauce to their soup.

Industry: This is one blog zone that won’t stop trending, but if you have choose to blog about industries you must update your blog often for new openings on industries and job, we all know that with the alarming rate of unemployment any good source that tells us about real time openings on job will always drive an insane traffic and stay on the trending track all time.

IT: blogging about IT is so interesting but so much work to do in the sense that IT blogging for me is for IT professionals who has being and is still in the field to manage and update their readers on recent updates in the IT industry anyway since you have made up you mind to blog about IT believe it or not your on your way to success , it might not pay you now but surely it will pay when times comes for the solutions you have profound.

How to: wow I can’t recall the last time I read my telecommunication textbook but yet I see my self improving each day, then i asked my self one day how did I made it this far? then i answered myself that it is by researching on how to in the internet. So bloggers if your putting up how to… I assure your that it is an all time exclusive blog trending topic.

software’s: people will always run into trouble maybe not today but this time tomorrow and then your software blog shop will be their last research hope to rectify their problem.

News: It is either someone is informed or deformed, and for anyone to go beyond their present status you must be informed trust me everyone even the a day old child will ask the same question ‘what is happening’ ? and imagine that your blog is the one sharing what is happening as the day goes by.

Economy: The last thing you posted was that the market economy is so down, and people will be like how, what happen and then trying to find out and suddenly a new post appeared the government is trying it;s best to restore the market price please everyone stay calm. Just this will keep your readers coming back to found out update on the economy, so it nice blogging on economy knowing that is not always constant and your audience will always want to hear from you.

Music: It will be a huge success blogging about music hence every single person want to know the current hit, and the actor/ actress or performer at the moment in this case, the  audience knowing that your always current about new and trending songs will always keep your blog alive.

Fashion: They said every day come with a new fashion and people have taken it as a competition to keep up with the trending fashion, I have always being a fan of fashion police program on E.for me fashion blogging is a big bang of all times.

Lifestyle: Someone said living like a billionaire, but i said expressing yourself like one by blogging about the lifestyle of those who has made it, and some out there will be like how does bill gate even live his life, another said just goggle it and they all land on your blog.

History: Are you sure you can do this ? you can tell us the first Europeans to come to Nigeria ?, how we all started wearing cloths, driving cars, and then become civilized, not only if you can because this topics will take you far and near but it will ever remain on the trending page for life.

Food: Don’t think is only you because everyone like the taste of good food and the world will always come for you if you know how to present that delicacy to them, a research for food and it’s taste is going on right now on the internet if I may ask what are you putting on your page right now.

Cars: The pride of a man I have come to found out is his car after his family, showing him that V8 engine well automated will keep him coming to view it more because he admires it even the more because ot he way you have explained the functions.

Housing : maybe your blog is about to tell us how beautiful that house is, it’s content, value and worth, this could be very interesting to anyone who admires house and those  looking for affordable apartment  in a cool with good location. Or maybe your want to talk about the kind of houses celebrities, I guess this will get more interest in as you develop your lines.

Google: you’re a blogger and have chosen to blog about google? I wish to  tell you that there so many more you can’t even remember because there are thousands of goggle news and updates released every day keeping your blog updated as an all-time exclusive blog from the beginning to the latest google pixel android device all round news with great and inspiring topics.

Movies: Most people on the internet are just there to stream trending videos, and if you blog about movies you’re blog will drive an exclusive traffic each day and because you always updated, the search for your blog with always be there and when your audience found  out that you have all they want , advertising you becomes very simple.
Entertainment:  Every home wants to be entertained, they want to read a special episode and article that always makes them happy each time they think about, the search for entertainment never ends if you think it ends then I will ask you why do you people pay fees just to see musician, actors, actress or even celebrities? This is because they want to encounter remarkable moments of happiness. This piece makes entertainment pages exclusives for all times (there is never anything like old joke).

Gossip: Gossip mill blogs are always interesting blogs though a little bit funny a times if not all times, let’s look at this post topic: how to know if your husband is cheating on you, the future of my kids, etc girls and ladies want to know what up with all these gossip so blog on…

Drink: its all about putting smile on faces of people imagine when I search goggle just to found that my favorite drink brand is among the tenth drinks in the world just because you put it there, the next I will do it to take my time and surf things around your blog to check for more information on what next to do.

Internet marketing: the statistics said that half of the young and retired people surfing the internet is looking for how to make money from the comfort of their home or the class room, teaching your audience ethics to make money from their comfort zone will be yet another exclusive blog post only if your strategies are really working.

Blogging: are you a blogger?,  you can say am just here to profound solution to my fellow bloggers , to tutor them on how to customize their blog and then add every necessary things to make their blog amazing. Your blog will always be on demand because new bloggers signs up as the clock ticks and they are all looking for how to give their blog an amazing look.

Conclusion: all these ethics and topics I profound above is for you to excel in your blogging carrier, get an insane traffic and moreover stay on top as a blogger on goggle search engine while making your money.

My advice to new vibes: always choose SEO words.
Avoid any sort of copyrighted materials..
Write at least 600 to 800 meaningful words for goggle and it’s users.
Never use big grammar yet.
Never think you must drop a post every single day.
Think and be creative on every single post your about to make.
Always updates your readers on changes.
Add back links to all your images.

comment on other people’s post.

Then I will see you on top thanks.

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