As a professional in  electrical and Ethernet field a tone must be of those tools that should always be handy to you at all times. This equipment comes in several designs and manufactures with little or no difference hence they all performs the same functions in the field out there.The equipment has is battery powered  and has an off and on switch function, modular connectors, red and black test leads, lead lights, volume sensitive control, and a headphone jack located at the bottom of the probe.

There is always a literature that comes with this equipment and it is important as a professional for you to review this literature to see if there is any changes from the later and if your using this equipment for the very first time it is important you get acquainted with the guidelines in the literature. This will help you in terms of operating the tone probe.
   A tone generator ( tone locator or tone probe ) is one of those device you can always find in
 industry today that sends an electrical signal through one pair of UTP cable.

The probes are use to locate breaks in any circuit, trace signals and trace signals in a communication industry.

A tone locator or a tone probe is a device that emits an audible tone when it detects a signal in pair of wires, in other words your gets a sound or an alarming signal.
Tone generators and tone probes are mostly commonly used on telephone systems to trace wire pairs.
A digital toner probe trace and locate voices,audio,and video cabling on a network.
They verifies continuity and detects fault.

The combination of a tone generator and a tone locator is frequently referred to as Fox and Hound.
Please do not confuse this tool to a cable tester.                                                                                      To locate a cable in group of cables,connect the tone generator to the copper ends if wires then move
the tone generator over the group of cables.                                                                             
A soft beeping tone indicates that you are close to the correct wire set,when the beeping is loudest then you have found the cable.                                                                                                                   maintenance  and battery replacement:  As the end user always check and replace your battery from a local shop in your locality if you notice low performance in your equipment.                                                                                          

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