A device that is used in joining connections together for continuity of the said signal due to either shortage or miss calculation during estimations .

Assuming your office is moving from one apartment to another in the same building and definitely needs their Ethernet or any other connections just as it is, An enhanced network or other connections can be done using a terminal connector sometimes known as an extension, port, or plugs with the gender female so that the connector end can fit in the appropriates port for effective communications to continue between devices. It no argument that ports are the end point of every connection but with the connector an extension is always created.
Basically the Ethernet connector comes in either RJ45 type for Ethernet cable such like cat5, Cat5e and cat6 , while the RJ11 is used for intercomms telephones.

 LAN ports are very different from USB, VGA and a HDMI thereby requires different connectors to terminate at each end, depending on what the user wants to achieve. one might want to connect from USB to HDMI, LAN to USB, VGA to USB as the case may be. it important also to know what you want to achieve before getting a connector  . The following are some basic connections that anyone might want.
USB to VGA and so on.

The fiber optic connectors: just like other Ethernet cables has different connectors so does the fiber optic connector comes for several purpose and environments. There are basically five types of fiber optic connectors.

Straight Tip (ST) This type of connector looks like the BNC connectors with straight ceramic center pin and a bayonet lug lock-down.

Subscriber connector (SC): This is a kind of box-shaped connectors, snap into receptacle, often used in a duplex configuration when terminating two fibers.

Face contact (FC) : This connector is used for heavy duty ferrule in the center for mechanical stability.

Local connector (LC) : use for both single and multimode fibers.

SMA : sub multi assembly connector : This is a connector use for a place were the environment factors necessitates water proof connectors.

Rj11 connectors : These connectors are use for telephone lines and are of smaller sizes.

These are just but few but there is always a connector for that job your doing right, so i encourage you go out there ask your for a connector for that job, tell him or her what you want to achieve at the end of your job and i asure you that you will get it at no stress.

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