How To Set Banners On Cisco Routers

cisco router banner

A banner can be simplified as a flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message.

You can set a banner on a Cisco router so that when either a user logs into the router or an administrator telnets into the router, for example, a banner will give them the information you want them to have. Another reason for having a banner is to add a security notice to users dialing into your internetwork.

cisco router banner

There are four different banners available on Cisco :


Router(config)#banner ?


LINE c banner-text c, where ‘c’ is a delimiting character


Exec Set EXEC process creation banner


Incoming terminal line banner


Login banner


Motd…. Message of the Day banner


The Message of the Day is the most used and gives a message to every person dialing in or connecting to the router via Telnet, auxiliary port, or console port.


Router(config)#banner motd ?

LINE c banner-text c, where ‘c’ is a delimiting character


Router(config)#banner motd #


Enter TEXT message. End with the character ‘#’.





Router con0 is now available

Press RETURN to get started.


If you are not authorized to be in network, then

you must disconnect immediately.



The above MOTD banner tells anyone connecting to the router that they must either be authorized or they must disconnect.


The part to understand is the delimiting character. You can use any character you want, and it is used to tell the router when the message is done.


So, you can’t use the delimiting character

in the message itself. One other thing to note is that once the message is complete, press Return, then the delimiting character, then Return. If you don’t do that, it will still work, but if you have more than one banner, for example, it will combine them as one message and put them on one line.


These are the other banners:

Exec banner You can configure a line-activation (exec) banner to be displayed

when an EXEC process (such as a line-activation or incoming connection

to a VTY line) is created.

Incoming banner You can configure a banner to be displayed on terminals

Connected to reverse Telnet lines. This banner is useful for providing instructions to users who use reverse Telnet.


Login banner You can configure a login banner to be displayed on all connected terminals. This banner is displayed after the MOTD banner but before the login prompts. The login banner cannot be disabled on a per-line basis.


To globally disable the login banner, you must delete the login banner with the no banner login command.

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