How To Configure And Manage Your Mikrotik Routers Using Android Devices via SSH.

The flexibility of networking with Mikrotik software allows you to remotely to do some Settings and configurations on Mikrotik routers and switches in various platforms and ways such as Android, windows etc.

 My previous article showcase cearly four ways to access your MikroTik router configurations and settings, The same configuration can be perform using a Smartphone devices. This means that you and I  can remotely Mikrotik Using Android Smartphone and devices, either use the app as Winbox, via a web browser (webfig), or via SSH.

Here in this tutorial we are only looking at how to  Setup Mikrotik routerconfiguration and management Using Android via SSH . Someone might ask why SSH?.
 This is simply because it is safer, simplier and lighter. In addition we are also able to hone our ability to use the Command Line Mikrotik.
OK without using most our time to talk let dive into the setup on How to Mikrotik Using SSH Remote on Android Devices:
First you have to download the Application from Google play store with the keyword SSH
Select the One that says SSH Client.
 Install and Open Application.
 Click the lightning icon in the upper right, Enter Data Log Mikrotik with the format:
Username @ [IP Address of Mikroik]

An example is as follows

 Then you will see a notification Host Verification.
Select Accept option
Enter the Password of Mikrotik.

 Mikrotik can already be remote in Android via SSH.

 Now you can configure Mikrotik using the Command Line on Android.

The steps are very simple if you follow the tutorial above, but if you face any challenge doing the above configurations and set ups please contact us on our contact page and we will do well to stay with you.

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