Say GoodBye To Wifi Dead Zones With Google Wifi New Features.

Google is carrying out some more new upgraded features on their wireless access points. This new updates will allow  every Google Wifi router to send you informations on how any individual devices connected to the router is performing on the network, the company announced today. The feature is supposed to help you troubleshoot what devices in your home are suffering from  Wi-Fi dead zone.

The Idea is that the new feature will be running a speedtest on each device and the idea is that you can then move any device that’s struggling to connect closer to your router, or move your router closer to your device, since it’s mesh Wi-Fi connection system.

According to the release, Google identify in average, that there are 18 connected devices on each Google Wifi network, This implies that sometimes it can get complicated tracking each device’s connection status. The update to this new feature Network Check technology, will be available in the coming weeks to all Google Wifi users around the world. To upgrade to it simply open the Google Wifi app to get started. And then say goodbye to Wifi Dead zones!

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