Daisy Apple’s New Robot For Faster iPhone Recycling

Apple now has a new recycling robot. Named Daisy, it can tear apart nine different versions of the iPhone in order to recover certain materials inside. This new robot is technically a successor to Liam, another recycling robot made by Apple. Liam was revealed in 2016, but now, his old parts are being used by Daisy, which is ironic, since Daisy’s purpose is to recycle old iPhones.
 Daisy can disassemble up to 200 iPhones in an hour. Apple’s Liam robot, aka “large inverse assembly machine”, used its 29 arms to complete a disassembly process every 11 seconds. Like Liam, Daisy can separate parts, save some, and remove others.
Apple is announcing Daisy ahead of Earth Day, and it’s also announcing a temporary program, called GiveBack, where customers can return their old devices in store or through Apple.com to be recycled.

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