How to Install and Configure MikroTik User Manager.

I have being giving tutorials on mikrotik user manager management and enhancement, lately  I just noticed that I have not officially updated you guys on how to install and configure Mikrtotik user manager on your systems.

Well first thing you must understand is that the User Manager is a MikroTik RouterOS Package.
 For this reason, User Manager Package installation in your network can be in differents ways.
One of the ways to install a User Manager Package is to download it and install it directly on your physical MikroTik RouterOS.
The second means of doing this, is to install the User Manager Package in a Server Machine or in a PC where MikroTik RouterOS is running.
I always prefer the second method because User Manager will generate a lot of logs and a physical RouterOS machine has limited storage capacity as well as to handle multiple RouterOS request in a large network, a User Manager should have a stable and powerful physical machine.

How To Install User Manager Radius Server Package in a Physical MikroTik RouterOS

As User Manager is a separate RouterOS Package, it is usually not included with MikroTik Roterboard Operating System. However, you can check your RouterOS whether it contains User Manager Package by visiting Winbox System > Packages menu. In this Package List window, you will find all the available packages that are installed in your RouterOS.

If User Manager Package is installed, you will find a list named user-manager. If User Manager Package is not installed, follow the below steps to install User Manager Package in your RouterOS.

Go to MikroTik download section and download your MikroTik RouterOS version’s Extra packages or all_packages zip file and then extract that zip file with your favorite unzip software.
You will find User Manager (user-manager-your_version.npk) file within this zip file.
Drag and drop this user-manager file into your MikroTik’s Files window if you use Winbox software.
Alternatively, you can use FTP to upload your user-manager file into Files
Now reboot your RouterOS.

User Manager Package will be installed at the time of next booting and user-manager package will be available in your Package List window.

How To Install User Manager RADIUS Server Package in a Dedicated Server Machine or in a PC
This is the best method to use User Manager RADIUS Server in a network. In this method, MikroTik RouterOS is installed on a dedicated server machine or on a personal Desktop Computer having only basic system package and user manager package installed.

MikroTik RouterOS can be installed on a dedicated physical machine or on a virtual machine. If you use physical machine, download the latest MikroTik RouterOS ISO file from MikroTik download section and burn the ISO file on a DVD or on a USB drive and then boot your computer from this media. If you wish to install RouterOS on a virtual machine, just download the ISO file and attach the ISO file to CD/DVD drive and then boot your virtual machine. While booting your machine, MikroTik package selection window will appear. You will just select System Package and User Manager Package from this window and then start installation. Within a few seconds MikroTik RouterOS installation will be completed.

If you feel confused to install MikroTik RouterOS ISO on your machine, read my article about Install MikroTik RouterOS on PC where I have described how to install MikroTik RouterOS on a PC.

After completing RouterOS installation, login with user admin and password left blank and then run this command: ip address add address=radious_server_ip interface=ether1 to assign IP address to ether1 interface.

Note: Put your RADIUS Server IP that you want to assign in the place of radious_server_ip such as

Now open your favorite web browser and type http://radious_server_ip/userman. If everything is OK, you will find a login prompt like below image to login to your User Manager RADIUS Serve

By default User Manager creates an owner customer named admin with no password. So, put admin as login and password left blank and then click on Lon in button. You will now find User Manger Dashboard where we will do our entire User Management activity.

MikroTik User Manager Radius Server Package can easily be installed and configured if you follow above steps carefully.

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