How To Configure Port Forwarding On Mikrotik Routers.

Hello once again, let’s talks about port forwarding on mikrotik routers.

So I have made this tutorial post about port forwarding on mikrotik routers, so all you need to do is sit back, relax and read every line for easy of clarification.

Okay so before we start the configuration I will like us to look at a scenario where we a computer with address WAN interface configured with an address, and then we have the Router configured at a default address for instance, the WEB SERVER configured at Now if we look closely on this scenario we have two segments the WAN and the LAN. We also have a redirect configuration 192.168. 192 : 8080 →→ : 80

In port forwarding, what happens is that, lets take for instance, now for example the computer on the WAN wants to connect to the web server, and having configured port forwarding on the router, you will then allow the computer to the WAN port, using the WAN IP at port 8080, however you will notice that our web services are running on port 80 and a different network which is

In this whole thing port forwarding is all you need to achieve what you really want on this network right now, so that all the request or traffics coming from the WAN that is destined for the web server can then be redirected to port: 80 using port 8080 on the local network.

So in this tutorial have glance at a scenario of port forwarding, we are going to go ahead and configure port forwarding in our mikrotik router using similar scenario as I described above.

So first thing we will do is to login to our router using the winbox application and the correct authentication method.

#2 on the home menu click on IP >>> DHCP CLIENT to know what is your assigned WAN IP. Which is along the line you need to know the destination address your trying to connect to?.

#3 click on DHCP SERVER to verify that you have

#4 click on IP >>>> Firewall. Then click on NAT.

Here we are going to create a new destination address were the traffic is going through which is the WAN port on the distance address tag. So we have

#5 click on protocol and choose TCP.

#6 destination port is 8080.

#7 The action we are going to apply is called a destination NAT for that we are going to change the address that it is going to and then the port we are going to redirect the traffic is port 80. Click on apply and okay.

So if you have followed this tutorial and configuration very carefully to this port I will like you to do a test.

Open your web browser type in 88

You will see that it works !

But if you have any challenge doing the above configuration please leave us a comment, or questions, anything and we will get to you as soon as possible.

This just a basic of port forwarding, I tell there are lot f things you can do with port forwarding like VLAN system and so on.

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