Getting Started With Mikrotik Winbox.
On your way to the top as a carrier person, if you have chosen networking and the module I recommend you frequently use is a mikrotik module. This is because of its simplicity, and contains a click and enabling options commands which seems pretty good for every newbie, until you’re able to carried out more complex configurations. Whenever Mikrotik is mentioned a graphic user interface application is always attributed to it. (Winbox).
A Winbox application is a small utility that allows administration of Mikrotik RouterOS using a fast and simple GUI. It is a native Win32 binary which has the ability to run on Linux and MacOS (OSX) using Wine.

 All Winbox interface functions are as close as possible to Console functions this is why there is no Winbox sections in the manual.
Most times, complex and system critical configurations are not possible from winbox, like MAC address change on an interface and so on. So for us to start this tutorial we will need to download a winbox here.
After that we will login into our router using the winbox application.
So the next step is to open winbox, it will ask you for the address you want to connect, login as and the password to ensure that the person is about to login to the router. So for this tutorial am going to use the default address, login as admin, I will leave the password space blank.

Under the address the router will display the Mac address of the router or IP address if it has being previously configured with IP address.
But instead of wondering which IP you’re connecting most times is advisable to click on the set tag icon to save the IP so you can see it anytime you’re on the logon page.
Another feature of winbox is the Neighbour tag icon. So what this tag does is to automatically run a scan on the mikrotik and discover other mikrotik devices that are connected to the network.
And then you will see the information about that particular device displayed on your board. Note that at this point you can connect that device using the displayed Mac address or IP address by simply clicking on it and click on connect.
So am connected and now am on the winbox interface.
So let see some more features we can explore with winbox.
So then you can add time, date, up time CPU and memory to the top bar above by simply right clicking on the and click on the icon to add, this will enable you with more information on the router performance.
Then we have the quick set tag, which allows you to perform certain configurations.
Interfaces, from where you can view and monitor traffic on each of the interfaces.
Wireless, in wireless so many configurations take place here so here you click on wireless >>> click on interfaces and then do some configuration. We also have the registration Tx and Rx rate throughput and so on.
Bridge: this is where you add your network bridge, click on bridge and click on plus sign to add your network bridge.
We have the IP tag where we configure our IP address. From here we have some other icons like the routing, Mpls, system, files log, queues, radius, Tools new Terminal and Manuel. These are the features that Mikrotik winbox allows you to access and configured. It is simple and easy so stay with with us and like us on facebook

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