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Presenter is a Windows based program for controlling various types of media on three separate outputs, typically one or more large screens using video projectors. It’s the ideal choice for churches, schools, community groups or commercial businesses wanting a more practical alternative to juggling between MS PowerPoint, Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash and other presentation applications at the same time.
Presenter provides an integrated media solution allowing items to be queued in a running sheet. Settings such as loop mode, volume, mark in/out points are preserved individually for each item. Presenter is a free Church presentation software to project worship songs, Bible verses and custom slides with images, audio/video etc.
If you’re looking for a reliable free option for your worship software requirements, you should take a serious look at Presenter.

Managing worship songs
Adding songs to Presenter is not rocket science. It comes with an import facility, which facilitates bulk import of songs, provided they are in Church View or Open Lyrics format
Song parts (verse, chorus, bridge etc.) can be tagged easily—in fact, we can add unlimited number of parts to a song!
There’s a Quick Send panel to present songs immediately too (with hot key support)
A fast song search feature is also available.
Managing Bible verses
Like songs, importing a Bible is also a piece of cake. Presenter supports import of Bible translations from The Unbound Bible, which should take care of most scripture projection needs
Search for Bible phrases, words, verse locations, present them on the fly
Save lists of scripture verses for later reference/study
Presenter is an audio / video presentation program. Images, videos, audio and video files can be added to any kind of slide (songs, Bible verses or custom slides)
Videos and images can be used as slide backgrounds or as floating components. And yes, videos can be looped!
With respect to format, Presenter has you covered by using the Xuggler library
Slides and templates
With Presenter, custom slide templates can be created separately for Bible verses, Songs and other content
Slide transition effects, notifications (again, with customizable templates) and more round off the wide array of features
Extra cool features
Presenter can display up to two translations at the same time—great for multilingual services!
You can create slides and templates in a machine, export them and then import them into another machine including attached media. So we can work on one computer and use another computer for the final presentation
Presenter can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.
Presenter is a beautifully designed, classy church presentation software that’s sure to thrill any worship ministry. Advanced monitor detection and output configuration
Multi-monitor support.
Four (4) separate outputs2: Control + 3 displays.
Integrated PowerPoint support3.
Video clips with text overlay.
Live video capture feed with text overlay.
Audio file playback..
DVD playback.
Bible support, included translations: King James Version & World English Bible + many more available separately for download (including Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish)
Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Support.
New text style configuration, including semi-transparent regions (as seen under broadcast TV captions).
Spell checker. Included dictionaries: US, UK, Australian, KJV + many more available for download.
Text Override facility.
Browser style file selection.
New facility for complete control of images.
Background image support at the song AND individual page level.
Output splitting of text and images E.g. Display slides in two languages on separate monitors in a single action.
Slide transition effects (fade, wipe, roll, etc.).
Fold back clock, countdown timer and media progress timer.

Loading and saving running sheets with user timestamp and description.
much more lyrics included.
Native CCLI Song Select file format support.No risk: presenter is free from malware attacks.
Easy to learn and Easy to teach: Even though you are not a professional.
Saves cost: This is one of the most beautiful features of all, because the technology in presenter does not require any service or hidden charge of any sort at all.
Finally your in control of what the audience are viewing.

Minimum System Requirements for installation:
Intel or AMD Pentium processor sufficient to run PowerPoint, video clips and/or DVDs as required.
Examples: Pentium 2.8GHz SP, Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz, PM 1.8GHz, PM 965 Express.
Graphics adaptor supporting DirectX9.
Dual-head desktop or laptop with primary monitors 1024 X 768.
Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10*.
Recommended System Requirements:
Dual or quad core processor (Intel or AMD).
1.5+GB DDR2 RAM.
Graphics adaptor supporting DirectX9 or higher (eg. nVidia 7000 chipset).
Dual-head desktop with primary monitor 1280 X 1024 or higher, or
Laptop with WXGA screen (1440 X 900) or higher
Additional graphics card for 3-4 monitor configuration
Windows 7, 8 or 10*.

MS Office/PowerPoint 2003 or above (PPTX format requires PowerPoint 2007 or above).
*Window Versions
Windows XP SP2 does work, but is no longer supported.
Windows 10 ‘N’ edition requires the media pack.

One of the most popular open source worship presentation program out there, OpenLP packs a ton of features for managing and displaying songs, Bible verses, images, videos (not video backgrounds though) and more.
It suports custom alerts, Bible import through CSV files, CCLI/SongSelect integration, PowerPoint file import etc.
Managing worship songs
OpenLP can import songs from a wide variety of sources like other presentation software.
You can tag verse types, preset verse sequence, add formatting and manage songwriter information
A quick song search is also available

Managing Bible verses
Bibles can be imported from OSIS by the CrossWire Bible Society, any CSV file, OpenSong, Zefania etc.
You can even download a few selected verses from a Bible site, display verses in many custom formats, easily search verses by scripture reference (e.g. John 3:16-17) or by a search phrase to add into your set list


OpenLP integrates with one of the most popular open source media player of our times: VLC!
This means you can use almost any video / audio file format in OpenLP that is compatible with VLC
Slides and templates
OpenLP can be used to set up custom liturgies/set lists as per your church’s needs
Announcements, alerts or custom slides are also possible—custom slides can also be looped if required
OpenLP also integrates with PowerPoint, PowerPoint Viewer, LibreOffice Impress on Windows and LibreOffice Impress on Linux/FreeBSD. Imported presentations (sermon slides for example) can be controlled from inside OpenLP
Support for video background is under development. However, you can use a transparent theme as a workaround for now until this feature rolls out.

 Basic Features. 
OpenLP also has a FREE Android remote app to control the presentation from anywhere inside your church using an Android device—as far as I know, this is a first of its kind app!
Built-in stage view accessible from any device with a web browser. Use any device on the local network as your stage monitor, meaning unlimited stage monitors without any extra hardware constraints.
Ability to add backing tracks to songs.

OpenLP is available for Windows, Linux, Mac or FreeBSD
OpenLP is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a free and feature-packed church or meeting presentation software.

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