EasyWorship is a programmer that has been created especially for people who play an active role in their local church. It comes complete with tools that can help to make tackling a wide range of different administrative tasks a breeze.
This may sound like wow.

So let”s look at some features of what you really need.

 EasyWorship comes with the following inbuilt basic features just like  other church presentation software and products such as text over video, motion backgrounds, video importing … and so on. Brand names aside, each product’s core function is to project professional presentations for worship services. 

when my pastor ask and insist that I must project on Sunday service, then it was during midweek service, all i could think and imagine was one big equipment and how to hire it or even buy and fix it in church within a period of two days, then i went to the internet just like your doing now and after so many research and questions i come to a conclusion with a simple and easy to use software a.k.a easyworship .
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Here are some features:
  • Built in professional features:   easyworship comes with professional like theme, templates, wallpapers etc.
  • Get last-minutes songs, videos, photos/pictures and scriptures on the screen in milli-seconds.
  • once you add your items on the schedule easyworship will display to the screen at your click. 
  • Designs and collections. easyworship comes with designed HD graphics and templates collections.
  • Presentation features:   This feature of easyworship allows you to create and add slide, templates from your desktop, pictures and videos.
  • No risk: Easyworship is free from malware attacks.
  • Easy to learn and Easy to teach: Even though i was not a professional neither have i done this before i was able to project on the first day without anyone guiding me and in two months i was able to train two other person.
  • Saves cost: this is one of the most beautiful features of all because the technology in easyworhip does not require any service or hidden charge of any sort at all.
  • finally your in control of what the audience are viewing. 

Managing songs and bible verses

Like songs, importing a Bible is also a piece of cake and bread. Easyworship supports import of Bible translations from The Unbound Bible, which should take care of most scripture projection needs
Search for Bible phrases, words, verse locations, present them on the fly
Save lists of scripture verses for later reference/study
Easyworship is an audio / video presentation program. Images, videos, audio and video files can be added to any kind of slide (songs, Bible verses or custom slides)
Videos and images can be used as slide backgrounds or as floating components. And yes, videos can be looped!
With respect to format, Easyworship has you covered by using the Xuggler library
Slides and templates
With Easyworship, custom slide templates can be created separately for Bible verses, Songs and other content
Slide transition effects, notifications (again, with customizable templates) and more round off the wide array of features
Extra cool features
Easyworship can display up to two translations at the same time—great for multilingual services!.
You can create slides and templates in a machine, export them and then import them into another machine including attached media. So we can work on one computer and use another computer for the final presentation.
Easyworship can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.
Easyworship is beautifully designed, classy church presentation software that’s sure to thrill any worship ministry.
Your Alerts – Your Way
Does the nursery have a child who won’t stop crying? Use Nursery Alerts to grab the parent’s attention without disturbing the service. Or use Message Alerts to let the prayer team know when it’s time to pray for people. Alerts are a great way to communicate to your congregation while keeping the service running smoothly.  When you need to communicate to the people on stage, alerts can also be transmitted to the Stage Display as well.
Design Your Way
With EasyWorship’s Presentation Designer, you can let your creativity soar! Go beyond spell check and discover advanced features like custom transparency, reflections, text outline, borders and bullets. And don’t forget to explore our powerful Theme Designer where you can design themes for announcements, songs and scriptures. With the Theme Designer, you’ll be able to ensure a more consistent look and feel every week. download easy worship here.

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